• Фотографии [Photos]


Рочестерский собор, 
пока еще без купола

Вид на главную башню 
и башню Гундульфа

Miss Adrienne Augarde as Rosa Bud 
in Mr. J. Comyns Carr's new play,
" The Mystery of Edwin Drood," founded 
on Charles Dickens's unfinished novel of that name, 
at His Majesty's Theatre, Saturday, January 4th, 

Дуглас Монтгомери в роли Невила Ландлесса
в фильме Universal Pictures (1935)
Douglas Montgomery as Neville Landless
in "THE MYSTERY OF EDWIN DROOD" by A Universal Pictures


Домик Джаспера 
в 1900-м году

Вид с башни собора на реку 
и Рочестерский замок

G. W. Anson as Durdles and Frank Stanmore as the Deputy 
in The Mystery of Edwin Drood.
This particular performance was in 1908
at His Majesty's Theatre, London. 
The card, postmarked 1908, was published by the Rotary Photo
Company (as no.7411 C) and the the photograph is by Burford.