• Иллюстрации [Illustrations]

In the Court

Mr. Jasper accompanies Miss Rosebud

Mr. Crisparkle is Overpaid

The Young Ladies say Good By for the Holidays

Jasper's Sacrifices

Up the River

Рисунок обложки серии
(Люк Филдс по эскизу Чарльза Коллинза)
[The Collins-Fildes Monthly Wrapper]

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Иллюстрации из различных изданий
[illustrations from various publications]

In the Garden

The Quarrel

Mr. Durdles

Mr. Grewgious breaks the News to Jasper

Mr. Grewgious experiences a new Sensation

Sleeping it out

Эскиз обложки
(Чарльз Коллинз)
[Collinses Draft]

Collins'es Draft

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