William R. Hughes: A Mysterious Dickens-Item

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Mr C. D. Levy, Auc­tion­eer, etc., of Strood, was good enough to lend me what at first sight, and in­deed for some time af­ter­wards, was sup­posed to be a most unique Dick­ens-item. It came into his pos­ses­sion in this way. At the sale of Charles Dick­ens's fur­ni­ture and ef­fects, which took place at Gad's Hill in 1870, Mr. Levy was au­tho­rized by a cus­tomer to pur­chase Dick­ens's writ­ing-desk, which, how­ev­er, he was un­able to se­cure. In trans­fer­ring the desk to the pur­chas­er at the time of the sale, a few old and torn pa­pers tum­bled out, and being con­sid­ered of no value, were dis­re­gard­ed and scat­tered. One of these scraps was picked up by Mr. Levy, and proved on fur­ther ex­am­i­na­tion to be a sheet of head­ed note-pa­per hav­ing the stamp of "Gad's Hill Place, High­am by Rochester, Kent." — On the first page were a few rough sketch­es drawn with pen and ink, which great­ly re­sem­bled some of the char­ac­ters in "The Mys­tery of Edwin Drood" — Dur­dles, Jasper, and Edwin Drood.

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