Tim McKinney: Distemperature

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Allusions abound in The Mystery of Edwin Drood to A Midsummer Night's Dream. Many have noticed them, several have listed them, but who has offered what the allusions signify? How would these allusions contribute to the Drood/Druid theory?

Whereas Drood disappears at the winter solstice, Midsummer is the occasion of the summer solstice, the time of the observance of the rites of May. In both stories, the destiny of engaged lovers appears to be the central story. But Midsummer 'takes place within the context of a cosmic struggle between elemental dieties' (Oberon and Titania). The 'oath of infertility' comes from their 'forges of jealousy' and has caused a 'distemperature' on the land and people. Let me come to my point quickly: Dickens peppers the Drood/Druid story with Midsummer reversals as clues because Shakespeare likewise treats the age old preoccupation, the eternal theme that underlying the Pickwicks and Petrochios, Skimpoles and Sugarsops, Julius Caesars and Jellybys, the world's monomythic story is really about nature-righting, a synchronizing of man with the patterns of nature:

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