The Spectator: The True Story of "Edwin Drood"

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R. PROC­TOR has done him­self in­jus­tice by the title he has given to his lit­tle essay on "Edwin Drood." He has given us noth­ing sen­sa­tion­al, but a con­vinc­ing demon­stra­tion of what the real plot of "Edwin Drood" was in­tend­ed by Dick­ens to be. Mr. Proc­tor is right in say­ing that a per­cep­tion of the real idea un­der­ly­ing this plot is what is chiefly need­ed for rais­ing the book from a com­mon­place and unim­pres­sive story of mur­der, out of which all the Dick­ens was, as Mrs. Cur­del in "Nicholas Nick­le­by" said of the drama, pos­i­tive­ly gone, into an ex­ceed­ing­ly strik­ing and en­tire­ly novel form of Dick­ens's favourite theme, thus form­ing the pow­er­ful con­clu­sion of an as­cend­ing cli­max. This was the rea­son for Dick­ens's ex­treme anx­i­ety, no­tice­able in Forster's Life, not to re­veal the plot to any one pre­ma­ture­ly. He writes to Forster that he has "a very cu­ri­ous and new idea — not a com­mu­ni­ca­ble idea, or the in­ter­est of the book will be gone." Dick­ens, in fact, meant to keep the se­cret even from Forster, for fear of ru­in­ing the in­ter­est of his book:

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