The Indianapolis Journal: Mystery of the Murder of Edwin Drood Solved by Readers

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The Journal publishes below the prize-winning contributions in the Edwin Drood Mystery Contest. Owing to the unexpectedly large number of contestants the labors of of the Jury of awards have been severe, but they have performed their duty with strict impartiality under the contest conditions. By these conditions it was necessary that the prizes should be awarded to the contributions showing the most plausible ending of Dickens' unfinished novel. The theory upon which the judges acted was that Edwin Drood should be found in one of the Cathedral tombs. The atmosphere of tragedy which marks the story from first to last make it clear, the judges believe, that the author had no intention of resurrecting the hero of the story. The sinister significance which was given by Mr. Dickens to John Jasper's night prowlings In the cathedral, to the incident of Durdle's keys, to the reference to the piles of quick-lime, to the displaced hands of the cathedral clock and, above all, to the horrible ravings of the villain in the opium den, convinced the judges that they must act on the theory that Edwin Drood was murdered and thrown from the cathedral tower, his body concealed in a tomb, covered with quick-lime, and that the hag who presided at the opium den should play an important part in the detectives' efforts to unravel the mystery.

Under this decision a large number of most excellent contributions were necessarily disqualified. About 25 per cent of the solutions received were written on the theory that Drood had either voluntarily disappeared or had been assaulted by Jasper and left for dead but had later recovered. Many of the contestants made the mistake of paying very much more attention to the possible matrimonial alliances of the story than to the unraveling of the mystery of young Drood's disappearance. A considerable number of solutions were disqualified because they largely exceeded the specified space limit. In addition to the prize-winners there was a large number of solutions which were possessed of much merit and the Journal publishes a list of these as having received honorable mention. The contest has aroused great interest throughout the city and State and the Journal wishes to express its thanks to the gentlemen who have acted as Judges for their courtesy and care in the discharge of the duties which they have so cheerfully assumed.

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