Sven Karsten: The Mystery of Edwin Drood. The Solution

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I. Prehistory

1816. John Jasper was born.

1822. Edwin Drood was born. His mother (John’s sister) dies giving him birth (?).

1825. Rosa Bud was born.

1831. Mr. Bud is jealous of his wife of probably having an affair with Mr. Grewgious accuses her of betrayal. Mrs. Bud is so desperate, that she takes a betrothal-ring and gets herself drowned. Mr. Bud realizes that his jealousy was vain curses both himself and that evil suspicion in him. He doesn’t want to live any longer.

1832. Mr. Bud feeling the death is near comes to his friend Mr. Drood and they make an agreement for the marriage of Bud’s daughter Rosa and Mr. Drood’s son Edwin when they come of age. Mr. Bud passes his late wife’s betrothal-ring to Mr. Grewgious and leaves a testament, containing the following two articles:

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