Sven Karsten: Staple Inn and its inhabitants

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Be­hind the most an­cient part of Hol­born, Lon­don, where cer­tain gabled hous­es some cen­turies of age still stand look­ing on the pub­lic way, as if dis­con­so­late­ly look­ing for the Old Bourne that has long run dry, is a lit­tle nook com­posed of two ir­reg­u­lar quad­ran­gles, called Sta­ple Inn. It is one of those nooks, the turn­ing into which out of the clash­ing street, im­parts to the re­lieved pedes­tri­an the sen­sa­tion of hav­ing put cot­ton in his ears, and vel­vet soles on his boots. It is one of those nooks where a few smoky spar­rows twit­ter in smoky trees, as though they called to one an­oth­er, 'Let us play at coun­try,' and where a few feet of gar­den-mould and a few yards of grav­el en­able them to do that re­fresh­ing vi­o­lence to their tiny un­der­stand­ings.

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ERE in this par­tic­u­lar ar­ti­cle you will find nei­ther shock­ing dis­clo­sures, nor hor­ri­fy­ing mur­ders or ev­i­dence in­ves­ti­ga­tion. My sim­ple wish was to un­fold my mere imag­i­na­tion, as if I were a free bird, a tiny spar­row of Sta­ple Inn res­i­dence, hav­ing the op­por­tu­ni­ty to ob­serve peo­ple of the Vic­to­ri­an Era, in­hab­i­tants of Lon­don in gen­er­al and Sta­ple Inn in par­tic­u­lar. Let’s rewind 164 years back to the streets of Hol­born fol­low­ing Rosa into Sta­ple Inn gate­way (I just want­ed to say ‘Sta­ple Inn gates wide open for a hos­pitable re­cep­tion’, how­ev­er the gate­way was shut by night at Rosa’s ar­rival).

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