Sven Karsten: Family Skeletons

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‘There is said to be a hid­den skele­ton in every house; but you thought there was none in mine, dear Ned.’

‘Upon my life, Jack, I did think so. How­ev­er, when I come to con­sid­er that even in Pussy’s house—if she had one—and in mine—if I had one—‘

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The sen­tence stayed un­fin­ished, since Edwin was dis­tract­ed from those dan­ger­ous thoughts by his uncle Jack Jasper. Bad for us read­ers, if not for Mr. Jasper we prob­a­bly could have learnt the hid­den mys­tery be­hind the Drood fam­i­ly. Un­for­tu­nate­ly, we can only guess, which is never too late, even 140 years after…

Most of the crimes (not spon­ta­neous ones, but thor­ough­ly planned and thought over crimes) take their premis­es in a dis­tant past. Maybe the mo­tive of Jasper’s crime is also to be searched with­in the mys­ter­ies of the Drood fam­i­ly, which we can guess from one of the orig­i­nal names of the novel, which was ‘The Mys­tery in the Drood Fam­i­ly’. The name is self-de­scrip­tive.

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