Robert Sullivan: The Disappearance of Dr. Parkman

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In 1842 the high-so­ci­ety of Boston was taken by storm via one of the most high-pro­file mur­ders ever to have oc­curred in the city. To begin let’s in­tro­duce the play­ers in this tale.

We start with the trag­ic vic­tim, Dr. George Park­man. Dr. Park­man was a tall lanky man whose pic­ture may con­jure up im­ages of Abra­ham Lin­coln. He often walked the streets of Bea­con Hill and the West End in his top hat to col­lect rents for his mul­ti­ple prop­er­ties. The Park­man fam­i­ly was one of the rich­est and well known in the city of Boston.

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