Robert Langton: Charles Dickens and Rochester

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It has no doubt been ob­served by all care­ful read­ers of the works of Charles Dick­ens how very fre­quent­ly in his ear­li­est and his lat­est books he in­tro­duces the city of Rochester as the scene of por­tions of his sto­ries.

I now pro­pose to bring to­geth­er such ref­er­ences to this lo­cal­i­ty' as are to be found in the en­tire works of Dick­ens, and where pos­si­ble, to let the great mas­ter him­self do the de­scrip­tive part in his own lan­guage.

In adding some ex­plana­to­ry notes of my own. I may say that, hav­ing passed per­haps the most im­pres­sion­able part of my child­hood at a school in Rochester, and hav­ing been fa­mil­iar with the neigh­bor­hood all through my life, I am able to tes­ti­fy to the won­der­ful ac­cu­ra­cy and re­al­ism of the many sketch­es of life and scene in that part of Kent, which are to be found in some of the works of Charles Dick­ens.

Though not a man of Kent by birth, Charles Dick­ens was at the ten­der age of four years re­moved with his fa­ther's fam­i­ly to Chatham, where they lived near the parish church of St. Mary. Forster truly says that "the as­so­ci­a­tions that were around him when he died were those which, at the out­set of his life, had af­fect­ed him most strong­ly."

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