Ray Dubberke: Dickens, Drood and Detectives

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As most Dickensians know, the character of Inspector Bucket was based on a real-life Scotland Yard detective named Charles Frederick Field, whom Dickens met, along with a group of other detective police officers, shortly before he wrote Bleak House. Accounts of his meetings with these detectives appeared in several articles in Dickens's magazine Household Words, and are available in the book Reprinted Pieces.

While Inspector Field was unquestionably the officer who made the most marked impression on Dickens, the author—in his article "The Detective Police"—enthusiastically expressed his admiration for the entire group: "They are, one and all, respectable-looking men; of perfectly good deportment and unusual intelligence; with nothing lounging or slinking in their manners; with an air of keen observation and quick perception when addressed; and generally presenting in their faces, traces more or less marked of habitually leading lives of strong mental excitement."

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