Patrick Galloway: The Solution to The Mystery of Edwin Drood

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IT MUST BE stated at the outset that Edwin Drood was not murdered. To understand the chain of events leading up to his disappearance, it is necessary to go back to the Christmas Eve dinner hosted by John Jasper. During dinner, Neville Landless found his former animosity toward Edwin Drood completely erased, due to the latter's friendly, if somewhat melancholic, manner and his easy good humor. Both young men, however, could not help but notice a certain strangeness underlying the forced smile of their host. After dinner, during their walk by the river to observe the storm, Neville tells Edwin of Rosa Bud's anxiety regarding Jasper's affections towards her, as related by his sister, Helena. Edwin puts this together with the ominous words of Princess Puffer regarding "Ned" and decides that his safety, if not his life, are in danger and confides in Neville his decision to flee Cloisterham. He swears Neville to secrecy, and promptly "disappears".

Meanwhile, Princess Puffer is hot on the trail of Jasper and is, likewise, the object of equally hot pursuit by Dick Datchery. We discover that Jasper, in one of his opium-induced trances, has revealed his foul intentions toward "Ned." The Princess has been retained by Mr. Grewgious to follow Jasper and gather information.

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