Mrs. Georgie Sheldon: The Welfleet Mystery

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In pre­sent­ing "The Welfleet Mys­tery" to the pub­lic, the au­thor feels that some ex­pla­na­tion is a duty which she owes not only to her read­ers, hat also to her­self. The story may be termed the out-growth of "The Mys­tery of Edwin Drood," writ­ten by Charles Dick­ens, which, ev­ery­one knows, was left in an un­fin­ished state, the au­thor dying be­fore it could be com­plet­ed.

The first half of "The Welfleet Mys­tery" nec­es­sar­i­ly fol­lows the plot of "Edwin Drood" very close­ly, al­though it has been the writ­er's aim to vary the char­ac­ters, in­ci­dents, and con­ver­sa­tions, so that they may not seem sim­ply a tame rep­e­ti­tion to those who have read the great mas­ter's work. While she does not claim for her­self ei­ther the power, fin­ished style, or in­tri­ca­cy which plot of char­ac­teris­es his writ­ings, she has en­deav­oured, by care­ful study of the story, as far as it is told, to gain some idea of the au­thor's plan, and to work it out to the best of her abil­i­ty and though var­ied some­what in cer­tain points, she trusts that it will prove both in­ter­est­ing and ac­cept­able to her read­ers.

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