Montague Rhodes James: An Episode of Cathedral History

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HERE was once a learned gen­tle­man who was de­put­ed to ex­am­ine and re­port upon the archives of the Cathe­dral of South­min­ster. The ex­am­i­na­tion of these records de­mand­ed a very con­sid­er­able ex­pen­di­ture of time: hence it be­came ad­vis­able for him to en­gage lodg­ings in the city: for though the Cathe­dral body were pro­fuse in their of­fers of hos­pi­tal­i­ty, Mr. Lake felt that he would pre­fer to be mas­ter of his day. This was rec­og­nized as rea­son­able. The Dean even­tu­al­ly wrote ad­vis­ing Mr. Lake, if he were not al­ready suit­ed, to com­mu­ni­cate with Mr. Worby, the prin­ci­pal Verg­er, who oc­cu­pied a house con­ve­nient to the church and was pre­pared to take in a quiet lodger for three or four weeks. Such an ar­range­ment was pre­cise­ly what Mr. Lake de­sired. Terms were eas­i­ly agreed upon, and early in De­cem­ber, like an­oth­er Mr. Datch­ery (as he re­marked to him­self), the in­ves­ti­ga­tor found him­self in the oc­cu­pa­tion of a very com­fort­able room in an an­cient and "cathe­draly" house.
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