John Welford: Charles Dickens, Edwin Drood, and a murder in Boston

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HARLES Dick­ens’s The Mys­tery of Edwin Drood has posed many mys­ter­ies of its own down the years, not least that of how Dick­ens in­tend­ed to con­clude the book. He died on 9th June 1870 from a stroke, hav­ing writ­ten his final words only a few hours be­fore, with pos­si­bly half of the in­tend­ed text still un­writ­ten.

One pos­si­bil­i­ty of how the plot might have de­vel­oped from that point is sug­gest­ed by an os­ten­si­bly un­like­ly source, name­ly a no­to­ri­ous mur­der case that oc­curred in Boston Mas­sachusetts in 1849.

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