James Greenwood: An Opium Smoke in Tiger Bay

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THE per­son who would enjoy the in­ex­press­ible treat at­ten­dant on the smok­ing of a gen­uine and unadul­ter­at­ed pipe of opium must make a pil­grim­age for it. He must, for the time di­vest him­self of all gen­teel scru­ples and every shade of civ­i­lized fas­tid­i­ous­ness, and ap­proach the mys­tic shrine un­con­spic­u­ous among the hum­blest of the throng of opium wor­ship­pers. The main dif­fi­cul­ty is to dis­cov­er the where­abouts of the shrine. "It is the only es­tab­lish­ment of the sort," a friend in­formed me; "there is scarce­ly a sailor hail­ing from the East who does not, so soon as he touch­es at a Thames port, has­ten there at once to grat­i­fy his pent-up hunger for opium. The place is pa­tro­n­ised, be­sides, by many dis­tin­guished mem­bers of the no­bil­i­ty and aris­toc­ra­cy of Great Britain and it is ru­moured even that Roy­al­ty it­self has con­de­scend­ed to visit the opi­um-mas­ter in his mod­est re­treat."

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