Howard G. Pfrommer: Mr. Dickens is "Recalled to Life"

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NE af­ter­noon — if there are af­ter­noons "up there" — Charles Dick­ens and John Forster sat chat­ting over their tea — or what­ev­er they call tea. I am quite sure it was noth­ing stronger, for that would be in­con­sis­tent with the gen­er­al idea of the place. At any rate, there they sat — and now and then a wisp of cloud passed about their heads.

Mr. Dick­ens: Forster, what on earth do you sup­pose those enor­mous bird-like ob­jects are down there? They can't be birds, ei­ther, be­cause they seem to have a per­pet­u­al roar, and yet they do seem to lay, or rather drop, tremen­dous eggs. And there is an awful thud every time those eggs hit earth — there, did you hear that one?

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