George F. Gadd: Notes to "The Mystery Of Edwin Drood"

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VER since the far-off days when mankind set it­self to solve the rid­dle of the Sphinx, the pur­suit of mys­tery has proved its al­most ir­re­sistible power to al­lure, to ab­sorb. No mat­ter that the path is dark, the labyrinthine pas­sages be­wil­der­ing; no mat­ter that mys­tery begets mys­tery, and that the off­spring, too, must be tracked down lest the final state of the way­far­er be worse than that of his set­ting forth. The black-hood­ed fig­ure glid­ing on­ward like the ghost of Christ­mas yet to come, must be pur­sued at all haz­ards, even though scarce­ly the fringe of that sable man­tle comes with­in the fevered grasp of the fol­low­er.

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