G. E. Jeans : "The Mystery of Edwin Drood" and Its Interpreters

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HE strange co­in­ci­dences in the deaths of the two great­est Vic­to­ri­an nov­el­ists have nat­u­ral­ly ex­cit­ed fre­quent no­tice. Both Thack­er­ay and Dick­ens died sud­den­ly; both left an un­fin­ished story in course of or part­ly ready for pub­li­ca­tion (as also did R. L. Steven­son). Thack­er­ay left of Denis Duval enough to make about three and a half num­bers of his usual in­stall­ment of a novel in the Corn­hill Mag­a­zine. Dick­ens had is­sued three of his month­ly "green leaves" — as he calls them — out of the twelve agreed for of Edwin Drood, and left just enough for three more pre­pared in proof or manuscript.

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