Fitz-James O'Brien: The Pot of Tulips

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"Look, look, Harry!" con­tin­ued Jasper in a tone of painful ea­ger­ness, "I see a light there in the cor­ner!"

It was the phan­tom. As be­fore, the lu­mi­nous cloud ap­peared to gath­er in the room, grow­ing more and more in­tense each minute. Present­ly the dark lines mapped them­selves out, as it were, in the midst of this pale, ra­di­ant vapor, and there stood Mr. Van Ko­eren, ghast­ly and mourn­ful as ever, with the pot of tulips in his hands.

"Do you see it?' I asked Jasper.

"My God! yes," said Jasper, in a low voice. "How ter­ri­ble he looks!"

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