Faith Barter: Dickens and the American Passing Narrative

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N 1850, mar­ried slaves Ellen and William Craft fled their own­ers in Geor­gia. After a pe­ri­od of hid­ing in Boston, the Crafts ul­ti­mate­ly re­lo­cat­ed in Great Britain, where they be­came celebri­ties on the speak­ing cir­cuit. Why were these two fugi­tive slaves so ap­peal­ing to the British pub­lic, who al­ready read wide­ly of slav­ery and slave es­capes? In fact, the story of their es­cape was so dar­ing and so desta­bi­liz­ing for con­cep­tions of race and gen­der that crowds gath­ered just to see the Crafts in per­son. For they had es­caped be­cause Ellen Craft suc­cess­ful­ly passed as a white gen­tle­man, and William posed as her black ser­vant.

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