Evening Post: Dickens, Druce and Drood - A Fanciful Association.

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The Druce-Port­land con­tes­tants have dragged their al­leged mys­tery along until some­body has made the at­tempt to graft upon it the very real mys­tery in Charles Dick­ens's un­fin­ished story of Edwin Drood.

Cue for this came the other day in a Lon­don po­lice court, where a Miss Robin­son, in the course of the trial of the per­jury case of Druce against Druce, tes­ti­fied that Charles Dick­ens had told her that. Thomas Charles Druce, who em­ployed her as a stenog­ra­pher, and the fifth Duke of Port­land had been one and the same man.

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