Elsa Hasbrouck: The Mystery of Edwin Drood — Concluded

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Hav­ing made way with an ex­cel­lent break­fast, Mr. Datch­ery sal­lies forth for a morn­ing stroll with his hat under his arm. At this time of the morn­ing the lit­tle cathe­dral town of Clois­ter­ham is at its bus­i­est, and on this par­tic­u­lar morn­ing Mrs. Tope's board­er finds the in­hab­i­tants all much en­gaged in at­tend­ing to their var­i­ous du­ties, with the sin­gle ex­cep­tion of Deputy whom, on turn­ing a cor­ner, he finds ston­ing the loose stones in the road­way. That ex­treme­ly ugly young per­son on catch­ing sight of Mr. Datch­ery ad­vances rapid­ly to­ward him by turn­ing many suc­ces­sive cartwheels with the great­est ra­pid­i­ty until he lands on his feet im­me­di­ate­ly in front of that gen­tle­man. Then div­ing into the depths of his dis­rep­utable trousers, he pro­duces after much squirm­ing a mar­velous­ly dirty scrap of paper on which are scrib­bled a few al­most il­leg­i­ble words.

"That's 'im," says Deputy, "that's where it is. I learned it offen her this mornin'."

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