Donatella Abbate Badin: Dickens’s "The Mystery of Edwin Drood" And Fruttero & Lucentini’s Attempt To Complete It

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ARLO Frut­tero and Fran­co Lu­cen­ti­ni’s "La verità sul caso D." (trans­lat­ed into En­glish as "The D. Case: The Truth about "The Mys­tery of Edwin Drood"), is the fruit of a joint writ­ing pro­ject be­tween two well-known Ital­ian writ­ers of de­tec­tive fic­tion who most of the time op­er­ate as a cou­ple – hence the use of the am­per­sand. But even more so, this is the fruit of a joint writ­ing pro­ject be­tween them and Charles Dick­ens. "La verità sul caso D." con­sists ac­tu­al­ly in Dick­ens’s own un­fin­ished "The Mys­tery of Edwin Drood" in­ter­po­lat­ed by chap­ters writ­ten by Frut­tero & Lu­cen­ti­ni which rep­re­sent about one third of the whole. The two parts form a sin­gle text, a di­a­logue be­tween the two au­thors and Dick­ens, or, as some re­view­ers de­fined it, “a three-way col­lab­o­ra­tion” or, even bet­ter, “un ro­man­zo a sei mani” (a novel for six hands). To con­tin­ue the nu­mer­i­cal es­ca­la­tion (and bor­row Wolf­gang Iser’s def­i­ni­tion of read­ing), the new novel is a dra­mat­ic ex­am­ple of “the in­ter­ac­tion be­tween its struc­ture and its re­cip­i­ents” (1980: 106), in this case not only the com­mon read­er but also the over two hun­dred writ­ers who at­tempt­ed to com­plete and com­ple­ment the novel.

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