Charles Mitchell: The Mystery of Edwin Drood - The Interior and Exterior of Self

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The pre­vail­ing crit­i­cal com­ment on Dick­ens' The Mys­tery of Edwin Drood has been di­rect­ed more to­ward the sec­ond than to­ward the first half, that is, more to­ward what Dick­ens did not write than what he did. As a re­sult most of the crit­i­cism has taken the form of spec­u­la­tion, with the major re­cent ef­fort repre­senting a mas­ter­ly Sher­lock Holmes so­lu­tion to its mys­tery (Felix Aylmer, The Drood Case (New York, 1965). Crit­i­cal re­luc­tance to en­gage with any­thing as prob­lem­at­ic as half a lit­er­ary cre­ation is only nat­u­ral, but the re­sult has been a de­val­u­a­tion of the novel, the gen­er­al opin­ion being that it is the tired work of a tired imag­i­na­tion. There are, how­ev­er, suf­fi­cient guide lines to per­mit our un­der­stand­ing of its aims: com­pli­cat­ed pat­terns of char­ac­ter re­la­tion­ship and den­si­ty of sym­bol­ic tex­ture man­i­fest the fine imag­i­na­tive in­tri­ca­cy of Dick­ens' treat­ment of a sub­ject which had long oc­cu­pied him.

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