C. A. M. Fennell: The opium-woman and Datchery in "The mystery of Edwin Drood"

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DR. FEN­NELL has been em­ploy­ing his en­forced leisure (due, we re­gret to know, to in­dis­po­si­tion) in con­tribut­ing "a mite to­wards the clear­er ap­pre­ci­a­tion of the 'mas­ter­piece' (H. J.) of fic­tion" 'Edwin Drood,' the ini­tials "H. J.," as our read­ers know, stand­ing for Prof. Henry Jack­son. In his pam­phlet "The Opi­um-Wom­an" and "Datch­ery" in 'The Mys­tery of Edwin Drood', pub­lished by Mr. E.Johnson of Cam­bridge, Dr. Fen­nell first deals with the ques­tion of the iden­ti­ty of the Opi­um-Wom­an, and sug­gests that one of Miss Rosa Bud's four grand­par­ents, after Rosa's moth­er was en­gaged to Mr. Bud, be­came a hard drinker and then an opi­um-smok­er, so that she fig­ures in 'The Mys­tery of Edwin Drood' as the "hag­gard woman," host­ess of the opi­um-den fre­quent­ed by Jasper."

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