Arthur J. Cox: The Drood remains revisited: First Fancy

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Ста­тья вто­рая из серии "The Drood remains revisited" пера Ар­ту­ра Дж. Кокса на­зы­ва­ет­ся "Пер­во­на­чаль­ная идея" и в ней он под­вер­га­ет кри­ти­че­ско­му рас­смот­ре­нию рас­сказ Фор­сте­ра о пись­ме, в ко­то­ром (в се­ре­дине июля 1869 года) Дик­кенс со­об­щил сво­е­му био­гра­фу идею бу­ду­ще­го ро­ма­на. Вот как го­во­рит об этом сам Фор­стер:

His first fancy for the tale was expressed in a letter in the middle of July. "What would you think of the idea of a story beginning in this way? — two people, boy and girl, or very young, going apart from one another, pledged to be married after many years — at the end of the book. The interest to arise out of the tracing of their separate ways, and the impossibility of telling what will be done with that impending fate." This was laid aside; but it left a marked trace on the story as afterwards designed, in the position of Edwin Drood and his betrothed.

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