Alex Crary: Ruminations of a Kinslayer

Final Chapter of Edwin Drood

Through rusty gray bars stood the ancient English Cathedral Tower, like a hazy memory for John Jasper. He finds himself rousing himself upward, to peer outward towards the skyline that it pierces. Lost in thought he reviews his actions, his crime.

His unnecessarily well laid plan foiled by a most precious gold ring and the quicklime that refused to devour it; despite dissipating both the body and scarf used to strangle. He did not even know that it was there, having meticulously taken Edwin’s watch, chain, and shirt pin and ditching them near where Edwin and Neville walked previously.

The necessary effort of attempting to frame Neville wore on him in making rumors and keeping up appearances to society as being above the Landless.

The eyes that pleaded flashed to him. All of it unnecessary and for naught. Poor Edwin was not a rival; and Neville passed on in disguise- as Datchery gave chase and was asphyxiated by cruel hands that came from a dark corner.

The chase too was unnecessary. Tarter, on the advice and evidence of Datchery- the disguised Neville who was in turn advised by both Helena and Rev. Crisparkle to figure out the disappearance of Edwin that he may clear his name, took chase alongside Datchery rousing the neighborhood.

It was more unnecessary, no matter how necessary it felt that he end the detective that had crushed his hopes for happiness with solid detective work and the cool logic to ask people questions (to think of it Princess Puffer must have been the true nail in his coffin), in the moment, that during the chase he went and ambushed Datchery seizing his rival’s throat and squeezing. For not even two minutes later did everyone he ever knew corner him as the last breath left Datchery’s lips while the wig fell from his pleading face, revealing Neville. That was the moment he knew he lost Rosa, as she turned crying to Tartar’s shoulder. Poor Helena was turned by Rev. Crisparkle into a comforting embrace from the sight.

Datchery. Neville. The one he tried to pin, pinned him… Neville got his…

“Now will I get mine?”